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Celebration Flowers

Floral designs help celebrate all sorts of occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, births, coming-of-age events and more. Some floral designs (like the baby carriage, below) are specific to the event, but most are happy designs enhancing the event. For corsages and boutonnieres, see “Weddings” page. Even as each event varies, the arrangements as pictured are intended only to provide a general idea of what might be done. NOTE: Exact duplication of what’s in the picture won’t occur; the picture only helps communicate between customer and artist.

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Loose Assortment

For those who life to arrange their blossoms at home in their own style -- or for a patient about to leave the hospital, ready to hydrate the flowers in their own home vase -- a loose-wrapped assortment of flowers provides exciting stems.


Showcase Special

This tall, dramatic “English Country Garden” display of eremerus and queen anne’s lace arising above pink roses, yellow oncidium orchid, and hydrangea in a tall clear glass vase commands respect.


Fragrant Fashion

When available, the graceful scent of lavender dominates this arrangement of several roses, hydrangea, in a beaded glass vase.


Baby Carriage

A “quirky” wire baby carriage, lined with green moss, is stuffed with pink or blue (as appropriate) flowers to welcome the baby and mother (and the carriage continue on, as a memory for years!).


Pink 'N' White Baby Girl

Three soft pink "Rosta Vandella" roses surrounded by creamy white stock, and dramatically highlighted by the petite pink gomphera balls and hot pink calla lilies for a baby girl offering.


French Wink

Our “signature design” is developed in a small container, often a 4x4x4 clear glass vase, featuring tightly packed blossoms like these orange gerbera daisies, berries and greens.. In this black ceramic vase pictured, several yellow-orange mini-calla lilies are surrounded by a yellow rose, gerbera daisy and hypericum berries along with ruscus and other greens.


English Country Garden, Light

The Queen Anne’s lace atop the lush dahlias, scabiosa and penny eucalyptus generate the traditional “wild” look of old English Country Gardens.


Pretty Passionate

Bulbous passion vines and sage/herb greens surround California Garden roses.