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Birthday Gifts

Many “fun” or unusual items are found in the giftware section, called “quirky” in a recent article in The Washingtonian. While most “crazy” items need to be physically seen before purchasing, some are recognized as appropriate for birthday gifts: pens that light up when pressed into use; ice cream scoops that look like miniature whales; ceramic piggy banks looking like colorful ducks for younger birthdays; tiny wind-up autos that are actually pencil erasers.

For the environmentally conscious, many good birthday gifts are created from recycled goods like old-tire handbags or notebooks with covers made of old computer keyboards. Of course the more traditional balloons as birthday add-ons to floral designs are available, as are our famous “fudge bites” or bags of popcorn dipped in chocolate.

Stop in to find just what you never knew you could get!


Recycled Items

This notebook, with its cover made of a discarded computer keyboard, is but one of many “recycled” items that can accompany a floral order.


Chocolate Popcorn

For the birthday “boy or girl” – or for those special friends invited to the birthday party! – the bag of chocolate-dipped popcorn make every celebration special. And the esteemed “fudge bites” (chocolate fudge squares covered with chocolate candy) are sister delicacies delightfully imported from our Pennsylvania Dutch supplier.


Wind-Up Toys

An array of different wind-up toys abound in the store, down on lower shelves where youngsters can find ‘em to try out the latest versions! They hop, roll over, and generally look alive!



Both mylar ($5) and latex ($2) balloons often accompany birthday flowers. Huge balloon displays are not available through the store’s capacity, however.


Seasonal Jewelry

As part of the store’s overall array of jewelry, there are often seasonal “fun” birthday gifts included, such as the upcoming Halloween “candy corn” earrings – or little hearts at Valentine’s time, four-leaf-clover versions at St. Patty’s Day, and the like.


Children’s Piggy Banks

Boldly colorful ceramic piggy banks work well with floral arrangements for youngsters when more than just flowers is desired to celebrate a birthday.