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Most costume jewelry, including some of the more upscale items, reflect unusual tastes consistent with the “quirky” reputation described by The Washingtonian magazine. Many pearl necklaces, earrings and other pearl jewelry are featured because our own buyer visits China frequently to scout the most artistic jewelry artisans who cater mostly to the internal Chinese trade. There are several US artists, too, whose jewelry is sold exclusively in the Washington DC area here, and we’re on the lookout constantly for “not so new” jewelry from private sales.


Theresa Goodall

Theresa Goodall is a well-known artisan of popular jewelry from the Minneapolis, MN, marketplace. Over the past ten years, she has built up a cadre of local women to assemble the necklaces, bracelets, and earrings she designs so that her most favored pieces can be available at lower-than-usual prices for unique artistry.


Chinese Artisans

An advantage of working with our own “picker” of Chinese pearl jewelry artisans is the capacity to develop our own unusual jewelry. This antique black onyx portrait was supplied to one of our favorite Chinese artists to design the pearl necklace to support it. Note how the black onyx appearance has influenced the use of small black pearls as separators between the fine white pearl strands.


Whimsical Jewelry

Reflective of the shop’s “quirky” reputation, some jewelry has humor as its intent as much as loveliness. These spiders, of course, are most suitable for Halloween!


Bold Costume Jewelry

Some of the more lavish displays, again created by Theresa Goodall, enables our customers to have fun at relatively modest prices for first-time-in-Washington specimen.