These are a few comments heard each week at Company Flowers.  When words stumble or fail, flowers can say boldly a Happy Birthday... or a Deepest Sympathy... or a Get Well Soon... or especially some Congratulations for a newborn! Widest selection can be found in Other Arrangements.

No need to Wait For Spring -- Bring It Home With Flowers!

Snow, ice, go away! Maybe come another day?  Meanwhile, trying to push aside the waning days of winter, what better way to welcome Spring than to bring some of the floral joys of the new season right into your home or office?  Our inventory of perky blossoms now available begins with gloriously bright tulips, fragrant purple hyacinth, golden jonquils, delightfully delicate sweet peas, and bold bursting peonies.  Better yet, the blossoming branches of forsythia, cherry and pear trees, and prcikly quince are on display (brought in from the South!).  Best value is to hire a vase of Spring each week; we'll bring a new container each week filled with vivid colors and replace last week's offerings -- ask for our special Spring-season rate.

ïBest of all, take time to treat yourself to visting our store opposite the famous Cherrydale fire house on Lee Highway.  On display are ROOT candles and well-known Colonial candles, most of the full-line Thymes fragrances, sleek garden gloves for elegance and utility -- the store's chock full of surprises and goodies.  Come see!    

SPRING: "everyone's in love and flowers pick themsleves."