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“Top Ten” Designs

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  • colorful-center

    Colorful Centerpiece

    A long, low design suitable for a rectangular table highlights the bold colors of Spring flowers, including purple hydrangea, yellow tweedia, roses and more.

    $75 | $90 | $110

  • buds-n-branches

    Buds “N” Branches

    This thrilling design captures excitement with numerous branches, buds, and stems extending out beyond the mass of flowers – young gloriosa with bulging green buds, cherrytree branches with pink buds, even an orange star-of-bethlehem, command attention beyond the mass of green hydrangea, tulips, ranunculus and more.

    $80 | $95 | $110

  • container-complete

    Container Complete

    A custom design challenge, the customer’s galvanized watering can became the container for a lush display of spring flowers.

    Price determined by container size.

  • dozen-roses-orred-65-85-95

    Classic Dozen Roses

    While the classic dozen roses in the standard long-stem array of beauties (usually red) is always readily available, twelve roses of most any color (always 20 different varieties in our coolers) can be presented in many stylish ways such as the boxed presentation (above).

    $65 | $75 | $95

  • Dozen-Roses

    Dozen Roses

    Dozen roses, purple this time, can be any color or mixture; at least 21 rose varieties in cooler always.

    $65 | $75 (as seen) | $95

  • img-3

    Lavish Centerpiece

    To command visual attention as the centerpiece of a dining room table.

    $110 | $125 | $150

  • img-4

    Welcome Baby !

    A vintage wire baby carriage is lined with moss to display white and blue (boy) or pink (girl).

    $75 | $85 | $95

  • img-5

    Dressed Orchid

    A favorite, the live Phaleonopsis “butterfly” orchid plant, gets suitably dressed.

    $75 | $85 | $95

  • img-6

    Lush Lovelies

    The charming gorgeous roses surrounded by orange fruit, wild greens, and bright blossoms.

    $80 | $90 | $110

  • img-8

    Sympathy Thoughts

    The traditional combination of purples and whites is surrounded with lysianthus tips and buds.

    $65 | $75 | $85